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Live with Saniel & Linda

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Aug 6,
Sept 17

Sunday Heart Gatherings

at home with Saniel & Linda

Sonoma, CA

available now

Conscious Skillful Will
6‑session audio seminar with Saniel & Linda

via the internet

Sept 9-10

HeartSoak weekend retreat with Saniel & Linda

Atlanta, GA

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Waking Down in Mutuality®
Home-Study Courses
Delivered via the internet

The Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar
13-session multimedia course

The Waking Down Recitation & Commentary 50-session audio course

Guided Meditations for HeartGazing audio courses:
  • Receiving Heart-Transmission Through Gazing Meditation
  • The Falcon's Glance Meditation
  • The Six-Step Recognition Yoga
Cultivating Confidence in Embodied Consciousness
8-session audio course
The Fierce Mystery Courses:

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Other Home-Study Courses
Delivered via the internet

The White Heat Seminar
10-session multimedia course

Great Relief Hero's Journey 2015
10-session audio course
Key Questions & Core Distinctions
8-session audio course
The Heart of the Matter
a free introduction to Waking Down and the Key Questions & Core Distinctions audio course
Let's Talk Sex and the Tantra of Trust
8-session audio course

Master Course with Saniel
advanced training for committed students of Waking Down
4-session audio course

Masters of the Heart 8-session audio course

Meditation & HeartNectar Retreat Collection
16-session audio course

The She-Mystery & You 8-session audio course

Souls Flashing Forward Into Joy
On Humanity's Adept-Disciple Traditions, And Radical Communion & Reciprocal Autonomy in the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart
7-session audio course

Transmission of the Heart
Full-Length Guided Meditations for HeartGazing
4-session audio course

A Treasure Map of Your Awakened Life

9-session audio course

We Are Christing 2.0
11-session audio course

The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart
13-session multimedia course with Saniel & Linda

White-Hot Yoga of the Heart 2012 3-day retreat – available in audio or streaming video

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