The Fierce Mystery courses

The Human Sun Experience & the Integral View

a 6-session telecourse

Course Outline

Session 1

Integral and Waking Down in Mutuality/The WholeHeart Way: Two Emergent Expressions of a Dawning 2nd Axial Age
  • Some signature features of the 1st Axial Age, the era of the Buddha, Socrates, Confucius, Upanishadic seers, Hebrew prophets

  • Deep origins of Integral: the Dharma moves to the West in an age of rapidly increasing developmental evolution and the inevitable integration of all knowledge

  • Deep origins of Waking Down in Mutuality and The WholeHeart Way: the emergence of organismic non-dualism through lineage revelations of the Heart and the "She-Mystery"

Session 2

Tetra-Arising, AQAL, and the Human Sun First Triad
  • Implications of tetra-arising and the new Integral valuation of matter; 1st Gateway "predicament" of the Spirit/Matter split (hypermasculine dissociation) and the legacy of mechanistic spirituality

  • The many dark nights of senses, soul, and self; the Rot as an evolutionary gateway into early-stage transcendence of the Spirit/Matter split

  • The Integral view of delusive egoity and freedom/fullness; the Waking Down in Mutuality and The WholeHeart Way view of the core wound/wellness Mystery

Session 3

Traditions of Translation and Transformation, Reformation and Revolution: the Human Sun Second Triad
  • Cognition and "co-gnosis," pointing out Dharma, necessity of a View; the ultimate sophistications of mutual listening

  • Transmissions then and now, traditions "transcending and including"; mutual transmission and reception and the democratization of Heart-Siddhi (awakening power of Being)

  • Meanings of initiation in structure-stage and state-stage developmental sequences

Session 4

Two Formats of Integrative Practice: the Human Sun Third Triad
  • The "Waking" process and transitions in Integral and Waking Down in Mutuality/WholeHeart Way contexts -- congruencies and contrasts

  • Integral shadow work, false self, ego-pathology vis-a-vis "Down" embrace of ego-mind and broken zones; multiple module ILP practice vis-a-vis finding your own Way, organismic conscious embodiment, "sensual delight of being alive"

  • The miracle of We, filling out the quadrants, and the evolutionary revelation and structural (including "mean green") weaknesses of "Mutuality"

Session 5

Structure and State Evolution and Essentials of Post-Awakened Living: the Human Sun Fourth Triad
  • How Integral can inform awakened "Daring," and where we may be crossing into "uncharted human territory"

  • Cognition and co-gnosis, part 2, and how Six-Step Recognition Yoga leads to three other "R's" -- Release, Reconfiguration, Regeneration

  • Persevering and discovery of one's own Dharma; walking the edge of the Unknowable when spirituality is itself evolving

Session 6

Cross-Fertilizations and Mutual Futures
  • The seamless non-dual unity as a "Harlot" for the democratization of awakened Unique Selves; potential emergence of a new developmental map of awakening and post-awakened living

  • Where structures and states dissolve into one another in the seamlessness; and where the strengths of both in these great movements might infuse one another as we continue to embody Spirit together

  • Where do we go from here? Scenarios and imaginings, transitions and trajectories for the New Enlightenment of divinely human Beings
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