An Awakening & Destiny Path-Map

On these pages we offer events, programs, and other services. The map below gives you an optimal one- to two-year modular curriculum you can build with us to help you awaken bodily and begin to clarify and embrace your divinely human destiny.

The Empowering Support Track

The Empowering Support Track is for you if you're seeking:
  • Heart-connection and inspiration from radiant spiritual friends who want you to realize your greatest potential
  • a calm, strengthening source of spiritual support
  • a deeply accepting worldwide community
  • in the midst of life's challenges, a stronger anchor of trust in yourself, others, Nature, and the Divine.
We're happy to offer you additional ways to enjoy HEARTgazing™ and, over time, other courses, publications, and events that will enhance your unique journey in life and gently challenge and welcome you toward further healing, growth, awakening, and transformation.

We generally recommend you anchor your HEARTgazing™ connection by doing at least a few of these practices:

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The Intensive Awakening Track

The Intensive Awakening Track (also called The WholeHEART Way™) is for you if you're seeking:
  • direct acceleration and streamlining of your realization of ultimate spiritual truth and oneness
  • a community of profound fellow journeyers on their own authentic paths of healing, ongoing evolution, and awakened service to humanity and to Life
  • clarification and intensification of transformations you've already gone through, or which are well underway
  • relief from fundamentalist, dogmatic, authoritarian, feudal/monarchic, and formulaic approaches to the unpredictable, vibrant event of authentic living
  • a new, 21st century, democratic orientation toward spiritual transmission, growth, and embodiment of ultimate, divinely human consciousness and presence
We generally recommend you follow the recommendations for the Empowering Support Track and add most or all of these:

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The Force of Destiny:
The Three Activations of the total Force of Destiny transmission and teaching are Radical Embodiment, Extraordinary Money, and Astounding Fulfillment of Your Purpose and Your Dreams. Please don’t think you’ve encountered anything like this before. You haven’t—anywhere. This exploration is nothing less than “Divine Incarnation 101.”
The Tantra of Trust:
“Skilled and Superlative Intimate Sexual Partnership for 21st Century Woman and Man.” Learn four paradoxical, 21st century skills necessary for awakened relatedness in transformational intimacy: Quantum Wakefulness, Heroic Endarkenment, Chaordic (at once “chaotic” and “orderly”) Embodiment, and Divinely Human Relativity.
HeartSpeak™ monthly audio subscription program, which has been ongoing since August 2008, provides two hours or more of Saniel's latest thinking each month.
Home-study courses, books, and audios are great access points to Saniel and Linda's work and the Waking Down in Mutuality path. See our Bookstore for a detailed description of available products.
Waking Down Weekend:
Imagine individualized attention from awakened teachers who, through transmission and interaction, open you to the alchemical secret:  that the direct route to awakening and integration lies not in striving to rise above your human tendencies but in falling totally INTO them, consciously. Usually presented by or with other WDM teachers.
Conscious Principle Retreat:
Combination meditation retreats and lively talk/dialogues on realizing and living embodied consciousness in mutuality. Equally potent either before or after your awakening. Help you clarify your present work in Being and understand WDM and the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart in the context of Advaita Vedanta and other traditions.
The Human Sun Experience:
The 12 Gateways of the Human SUN teachings organize the WDM principles and processes into the form of a living crystal. Open to anyone who wants to deeply explore the Human SUN teachings and enjoy direct initiation into the WDM process with our own “White-Hot” guidance.
Great Relief Workshop:
“Nine Sacred Secrets Your Body Wants You to Know About the Core Mystery of Life.” These secrets are so obvious and simple that we keep overlooking them. Yet they are so profound that they transmit deep spiritual truths without requiring any belief whatsoever, and instantly help us stop adding unnecessary pain to the inevitable challenges, pressures, and heart-rending realities of being alive.
Transfiguration Retreat:
Transfiguration means brightened by divine light, love, and fire, and that's what happens to the participants at these yearly retreats! Join us, and be exposed to massive doses of divinely human transmission of love, tenderness, mutual care and respect, wisdom, nurturance, creativity, challenge, liveliness, humor, sweetness, dignity, and trust.